The Sound of Silence

"'It’s not what you said - it’s what you didn’t say.' How often have we heard these words? Inspired by the recent passing of my painting professor, John Figura, this series is a meditation upon the various barriers to communication that we experience in our daily lives - with, perhaps, the most significant of these being death itself. I want viewers to explore my compositions, while contemplating the strange absence of dialogue - perhaps imagining their own words/phrases with which to populate those ambiguous white circles"

 6 paintings all with a blank dialogue bubble: Two soldiers in a fox hole; child in devil costume at church; a woman on a roof having her baby delivered by drone; a couple with a police officer carrying a body under a sheet with a person of color; a man in a coffin alive on the phone; a woman by the pool seeing her reflection in the water.

The Sound of Silence, 2020
Oil on Canvas, 20 in x 30 in each