A Path of Healing

"My work focuses on a series of oil paintings that engage my own spiritual and psychological journey. This journey is reflected in a series of self-portraits, portraits, figurative paintings, and religious imagery that reflect my own life and the lives of those around me. Having the people I know trust me with the knowledge of their hidden, deep-seated wounds, and allowing me to paint their portraits, helps me to express my understanding of human nature."

 Painting with two people, one old, one young

The Master and the Novice (In Memory of Prof. John Figura), 2021
Oil on Canvas, 20 in x 16 in


Painting of distraught woman with harp

The Harpist, 2021
Oil on Canvas, 24 in x 18 in


Painting of woman with single tear

La lágrima / The Tear, 2021
Oil on Canvas, 16 in x 20 in