The Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art at The Catholic University of America is committed to Advancing opportunities for intellectual and spiritual growth; cultural enrichment; aural, visual and verbal literacy; and the development of imaginative, disciplined expression in the arts.


  • Our programs are united in their goal of striving to uplift the human spirit.
  • We seek to provide our diverse body of students with a thorough knowledge of the history of the disciplines we offer as well as practical skills in arts production.  We thrive through our connections to the vibrant and diverse cultural resources of Washington, DC.
  • Our faculty is committed to providing performances, productions, exhibitions, and academic programs of the highest quality.
  • We believe that theory and practice are equally integral to a comprehensive arts education and offer study and training in both the conservatory tradition and the full curriculum of the liberal arts.
  • Our community celebrates our school’s foundation in the Roman Catholic Church, investigating the human condition and actively fostering a deeper understanding of God and the Divine.