Our goal of fostering a greater appreciation of the arts is especially fitting at The Catholic University of America, given both the historic tradition of brilliant arts patronage by the Catholic Church, and the outstanding resources of Washington, D.C. Through courses both within and outside the Rome School.

Students join a family of scholars and artists. While enjoying a wide range of experiences, from classes and private lessons to rehearsals with ensembles and productions to art exhibitions, students' interactions with each other and with faculty contribute to their growth as individuals. The Rome School is unparalleled in its abundance of internships, training, and employment opportunities for students. Students are provided with a broad introduction into the practice, theory, and appreciation of the arts. For all students, we give both excellent training in the theatrical field and a scholarly foundation in the liberal arts.

With programs available in both liberal arts and conservatory styles, we provide connections to a profound number of galleries, professional theatre companies, and performance halls in the D.C. community, and our students receive opportunities with such prestigious institutions as the Smithsonian, the Kennedy Center, Arena Stage, Signature Theatre, Woolly Mammoth Theatre, and more. Our on-campus gallery regularly showcases student artwork and our on-campus performance halls are almost always in use by our talented students with fully staged productions, concerts, and recitals.

Numerous world-class institutions in the area offer internships in nearly all areas of study. The University’s study abroad programs enable students to add a global perspective and give both excellent training and a scholarly foundation in the liberal arts.