The Benjamin T. Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art is home to the performing arts programs at Catholic University. The school enables cross-disciplinary efforts for both students and faculty, and serves as an anchor to the University’s commitment to the arts. The dynamic programs within the school offer students a chance to develop their skills and talents while working closely with experienced and renowned faculty.

The Departments of Music — which include the Department of Music Performance and the Department of Music Theory, History, and Composition — offer students a unique scope of study, pairing 30 conservatory-style degree programs with an emphasis in liberal arts and professional programs.

Programs in the Department of Drama are designed on the premise that theatre is a fundamental cultural necessity that enriches and is enriched by its community. It is one of the oldest theatre programs in the country, and one that enjoys a strong national reputation.

The Department of Art is devoted to nurturing the production and understanding of artistic expression with the belief that art and culture are one, and that exposure to the visual arts is an essential component of every liberal education.