Josie Ziemski, Catholic '23, is a Studio Art, Digital Concentration student from Potomac, MD. She shares why she chose to attend Catholic University, and what advice she has for prospective students.

Why did you choose to attend Catholic University and the Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art?

"I choose the Rome School at The Catholic University of America because of the tight knit community this college has. I have grown so close to my peers and have gained strong relationships with the faculty."

Why did you choose to study music, drama, and art?

"I chose to study the digital arts because of how fast-growing the industry is. The more technology grows, the more the need for creatives grows alongside with it."

What's been your favorite part of being a student at Catholic University?

"I have loved getting involved with the different aspects of this university as well as getting to know my peers."

What advice would you give to prospective students?

"I would say to stay curious and take in as much as you can. Never believe you know everything, the only way to grow as an artist and a person is to be open to learning!"