Rose Bruford College in London

The Rome School is thrilled to announce a new study abroad exchange program situated in the heart of the United Kingdom, most suitable for Musical Theatre and Drama students.  You will be introduced to intensive training in the modern British style, engage in unique artistic experiences in London, and learn to perform devised and immersive art forms with world class faculty. Please click here for a promotional video, courtesy of Rose Bruford, that displays not only the scope of the program, but the wonderful community of international artists creating theatre.  Students from Rose Bruford will typically come to CUA for the fall and then you will join your new friends for study in the Spring Semester. Visit to explore the culture and style of this acting program.

The Institute of the Arts, Barcelona

The Institute of the Arts Barcelona (IAB)

The Rome School is ecstatic to announce the reinstatement of our study abroad program immersed in the
rich culture of the Spanish Mediterranean Coast. You will experience intensive
conservatory training in the British style, explore fine arts and performance all over Europe,
and study and perform Shakespeare with world class faculty. Please click HERE for a
promotional video that displays not only the scope of the program, but the beautiful backdrop of your classroom for a semester. 
Please click HERE to explore this specific program or click HERE for student testimonials of their abroad experience at IAB

The Irish Summer Institute

Drama students may be especially interested in the Irish Summer Institute, a five-week program that enables students to explore the culture and theatrical history of Ireland while traveling to Cork, Kerry, and Dublin. The itinerary includes stops at sites of major historical, cultural, political, economic, and linguistic relevance. Students will learn how dramatic works have portrayed Ireland and its history and inhabitants.

The World is Your Classroom

At Catholic University, students in every major can study abroad.