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Thank you for your interest in the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art Board of Visitors. Made up of alumni, parents, and friends, I have the privilege to work with this group to advance the Mission of the School through strategic planning and stewardship. Hailing from the Washington, DC metropolitan area and beyond, our board members bring a global perspective to the connection between the Arts and the Church. I truly enjoy working with the board, and I am appreciative for their support as we, together, shape the future of our school.

The Board of Visitors helps to facilitate new and existing programs and initiatives that ensure the growth and success of our students. The Board provides important connections to the greater community, and it remains committed to its mission to assist the School with uplifting the human spirit through the arts. Board members share their insights and perspectives on developments in the world, the Church, and the arts, and discuss how those elements impact our students’ education. Board members interact with students and experience their work first hand through many different opportunities. The education of our students and the development of their talent, scholarship, and faith is of mutual and utmost importance to the Board and me.

Coming from various backgrounds and walks of life, all of our board members are connected to the arts in some way. The board is made up of practitioners of the visual and performing arts and those who simply love the arts and want to contribute in some way to Catholic arts education. It is through their outstanding work that the board is able to help me as I lead this great school. We, together, remain committed to the continued growth of the Rome School and our students.