Our M.F.A.s and M.A.s are designed on the premise that theatre is a fundamental cultural necessity that is enriched by and enriches the community in which it is located. We believe that theatre is a common ground for cultural discourse and that it is incumbent upon theatre artists to use their voices responsibly.

  • MFA class

    Theatre Education (M.A.)

    The M.A. Program in Theatre Education prepares students, teachers, and teaching artists to use the creative and instructional skills of the theater in the classroom, in productions at elementary and secondary schools, and in community programs.

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  • students in directing class

    Directing (M.F.A.)

    The M.F.A. Program in Directing emphasizes a collaborative approach to theatre within an interdisciplinary context. We strive to give directing students the ability to work across a wide variety of genres, with a distinct voice and passion, as thinking, caring, professional theatre artists.

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  • Lindsay Adams

    Playwriting (M.F.A.)

    The M.F.A. Program in Playwriting accepts a select number of students every year. They will be introduced to a completely professional approach to playwriting, to prepare them for the current market for new plays and playwrights. There is no bias toward any specific "kind" of play or performance; the point of the program is to create scripts of professional quality, whether for commercial, non-profit or "fringe" venues.

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  • MFA students in class

    Theatre History and Criticism (M.A.)

    The M.A. Program in Theatre History and Criticism prepares students to enter the field of theatre studies, with a particular consideration of the play within its social context and the production as a significant cultural expression. M.A. students will be incorporated into the ensemble work as dramaturgs to gain firsthand experience of the collaborative process.

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