Songs by Samuel Barber

Directed by Dr. James Hampton
Available for Streaming on December 11, 2020


In 1953, Samuel Barber chose texts written by Irish monks and scholars from the 8th to the 13th centuries as the basis for a song cycle.  What can we possibly learn from these songs in 2020?  Turns out a lot!

As many of us feel like hermits in this pandemic, an exploration of these songs can give us hope, make us laugh, calm our nerves, and give us some much needed insight during these stressful times.  Join us at the intersection of art, thought, and life. The songs will be performed by students in the Rome School of Music, Art, and Drama - from freshman through the doctoral level. Our interdisciplinary commentators include Dr Susan Timoney from CUA’s School of Theology and Religious Studies, Dr. Jennifer L.K. Charles from the National Catholic School of Social Service, and Dr. James Hampton from the Rome School.


Natalie Barsoum
Connor Hurley
Julia Kelley
Katie Malone
Danielle McKay
Grace Murphy
Isabel O’Hagan
Sophia Pelekasis
Mary Ryan